Who uses/can use VoIP?

Everyone can use VoIP, individuals, small and medium size businesses and multinationals are all taking advantage of the very latest VoIP technology to unlock their employees potential. Where VoIP really scores is where you have staff working from different locations. With VoIP everyone is on the same system. Calls can be made from location to location for FREE, calls can be transferred from the office to a home worker or vice versa for free. Calls can be made to route automatically to the next available member of the team regardless of where they are located.


How much does VoIP cost?

VoIP phone systems are a modern low cost answer to traditional expensive and inflexible legacy phone systems. The main reason that VoIP is so affordable and is being adopted by so many business is that you dont need to buy any phone switchboard (PBX) hardware, all that you need is a phone handset, and if you dont want to buy a new phone handset you can even use your existing analogue phone, a Smart phone, a PC or MAC and a PC headset to make and receive calls. 


All of the equipment that you used to have to pay £1000s for is now all hosted in the cloud. This means you don’t have to buy, or maintain it. You can plug in your handset in ANY location in the World that has internet connectivity and you are ready to go. You can move your handset from location to location and your own personal number or phone extension follows you to any location. All of the features of a traditional phone switchboard or PBX are available, along with many more added value features e.g. Call Recording and Call Management Wallboard.


VoIP calls cost less than landline based calls and the monthly line rental licence is less than landline or mobile contracts, you are NOT tied into the VoIP contract for more than 30 days, and your number is yours for life and you can move the business to any location and keep your number and still display the same number even though you may be dialing from a different location.


VoIP is so affordable because there is little or no Capital Expenditure, you can use your existing handset with a VoIP adapter (ATA) or you can purchase a VoIP desk phone if you wish. After this you pay a monthly licence fee typically £9.95 per month and then the cost of the calls that you make from about 1.1 pence per minute for calls to landline number and 4.5 pence per minute for calls to mobile numbers (calls are charged by the second)


Can VoIP save money on my calls?

VoIP is extremely competively priced, typically VoIP costs around a half to a third of a landline carrier. If you send us your latest phone bill we can give you an accurate forecast of what you would have paid for your last bill if you had been using VoIP.


Do I need a new switchboard or PBX?

No this is becuase the functionality of the traditional premises based switch board is all included with business VoIP and hosted securely in the Cloud, so genuinely all you need is a desk phone for each member of your team (and/or a smart phone and/or a PC or MAC if you prefer). There is genuinely no hardware to purchase - so no CAPEX is required (Capital Expenditure)


Are there any downsides to VoIP?

You DO need a reliable Internet Connection to ensure the quality of your calls. So 2 or 3 users on a typical home or business ADSL connection is NO problem at all. With 10+ users on the same site using a standard Broadband conection call quality might suffer at times when the internet is very busy, so in that scenario a faster Broadband would be a very good idea, e.g Fibre Optic Broadband like the BT Infinity Service.


For some of our larger customers where they have 10, 15 or 20 staff all in one office, we can recommend and supply a range of fast internet services, such as Fibre Option e.g. BT Infinity, or if Fibre is not available in that area yet, alternatively Ethernet First Mile (EFM), or Bonded Internet connections (several ADSL lines joined together) or for the ultimate connection where reliability and speed is paramount a facility called a "leased line" can be deployed. However, none of these systems are required if you are using 10 or less phone extensions - Standard ADSL works just fine.


If your staff are spread out in different premises, e.g. working from home or from different Estate Agents office etc, then each user is connnecting to the VoIP Platform from a different internet connection and this works really well. All of these staff will be able to extension dial each other ext 001, dials ext 007 from Reading to Bristol in perfect High Definition for free. If you wish you can add video conferencing for NO extra cost as long as your phone handset supports it OR you are using the iPhone, Android, PC or MAC Bria phone software with a PC/MAC headset


Can anyone use a VoIP Phone?

Yes, anyone that has a reliable internet connection can have a VoIP Phone


Do I need to buy any specialist equipment?

No. To use VoIP you need a VoIP or SIP Phone OR you can use your PC, Laptop or MAC or Smart Phone instead, instead or as well as a desk phone


Can I move my VoIP Phone from location to location?

Yes, you can simply unplug the phone from the internet and plug it in elsewhere, the line, the number, the settings etc all follow you to wherever you are connected


Can I use my current standard BT style phone handset if I want to?

Yes, you will need an adapter called an Anlogue Terminal Adapter (ATA), these cost from approx £30 and allow a standard phone handset to plug into the internet to make and receive calls. Some Broadband routers have this facility built in as standard, so if happened to have this type of router you could just plug in your current analogue phone and you can make calls via VoIP without needing to purchase an ATA


Do I have to keep my current phone line(s) as well?

This depends on your own requirements, however, remember that your Broadband connection will be connected via an analogue phone line in your home or office. You would need to maintain this line to keep your Broadband. However, if you have other lines currently being used for voice calls and you want to move up to VoIP you could potentially dispense those additional lines (whilst keeping your Broadband line) and of course save money on any unnecesary line rental costs. Ask us to investigate your current set up and provide you with more details 


How do I use VoIP on my iPhone or Android Smart Phone?

You can download an Application from the App store for Apple and Android called "BRIA". You then enter in the credentials that we create for you and your Smart phone is then connected to your VoIP phone set up. Calls made via the BRIA App would be charged at your VoIP rate NOT via the Mobile Tariff. If you call a colleague who is an extension of your VoIP Platform, then the call would be free via WiFi, or if your smart Phone is connected via your data plan i.e. not on WiFi, the call would then be made as part of your mobile data useage


Can I make & receive calls via my Laptop, PC or MAC?

Yes, there is a "soft phone" App for your Laptop, PC & MAC called "X Lite" from Counterpath who are also the creators of BRIA for Smart Phones and PCs/MACs. You can use X Lite with a headset to make and receive calls. X Lite is the Free "lite" version of BRIA. BRIA for Laptop, PC or MAC costs $49 and includes many more features including video calls, 3 way calls and many more benefits designed for businesses.


Isn't Business VoIP just like Skype?

Yes and No. Skype is a fantastic free VoIP product designed to connect peope all over the world with audio and video calls. Skype uses a bandwidth that allows the maximum number of users all over the World to connect. However, as you will know if you have used Skype the call and video quality can sometimes be quite poor and often disconnects mid call. Not a problem if you are talking to Aunt Flo in New Zealand, but not too clever if you are on a business call with a potential customer. Business VoIP uses Hign Definition (HD) software codecs to provide business quality calls and video from desk to desk or to any phone in the world. With Skype the users at both ends of the call need a Skype account. With Business VoIP you can call any other type of phone in any location in the world and the person that you are calling DOES NOT need to have a VoIP account. Skype do also offer Skype minutes "Skypeout" which allow a Skype user to call any other non skype user. However with Skypeout the call quality is similar to Skype to Skype calls as the main part of the call goes over the free Skype free VoIP platform AND then connects to the persons regular phone at the other end.


If I have a colleague that works from a different location and he shares the same VoIP account as me are the calls between us really free?

Yes - This is a standard Feature


Can I transfer calls from my line to him and vice versa?

Yes - This is a standard Feature


Can I set up a 3 way call between a customer, myself and my colleague in the other office?

Yes - This is a standard Feature


If I am away from the office can my calls come to my mobile phone?

Yes - there are two ways this can work, you can divert/undivert your calls to your phone by using the Broadworks Toolbar - however, do remember you would pay for the diverted call from the platform to your mobile at 3.5pence per minute. However, if you use the BRIA App (see above). BRIA would ring on your Smart Phone at the same time as your desk phone, and if you are out and about you can just answer the call on your Smart Phone. NB This is available for iPhones & Android, Blackberry Smart Phones + iPad, iPod Touch, Android Tablet whilst connected to 3G, 4G or WiFi.

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