VoIP Features - What does Hosted VoIP Include?

Once you have got your VoIP Platfrom set up you can just use it with just one phone, or you can start to add some extra extensions for your staff and then bolt on some fantastic added value features and benefits to customise how the system works for you.

Here are some examples of really great features of the Broadsoft Hosted Platform. Many of the benefits below are included as a standard feature (inc) of the Broadsoft monthly licence and some are bolt ons (+) that you can add if and whenever you wish:-


  • Broadworks Outlook Plug In (inc) This fantastic feature is included with Office Licence and above and allows each user to dial from their Outlook screens and to access their Outlook Contacts and dial ANY of the numbers that they have saved. The same plug ALSO works on Internet Explorer and Firefox to allow the user to dial out from their browser. When you click dial on your screen the dialer makes "two" calls, one call to the person that you want to call and the other "call" is to YOUR OWN desk phone. So you click in Outlook, your phone rings or goes handsfree and then you hear the call ringing at your customers phone - SO EASY! 
  • Caller ID Pop Up (inc) When a call comes into your phone the Broadworks Software looks to see if that number is in your Outlook Contacts List and if so it can pop up the contacts name or their contact card even BEFORE you answer the call so that you know who is calling you!
  • Database Dialer plug in (+) Available for all other popular database programs e.g. Act, Sage, Sales Force, etc CALL TO ASK US FOR MORE INFO and a DEMO
  • Cloud Based Call Recording (+) We can provide Call Recording for ANY or ALL of your calls whether the call was made from a desk phone, smart phone, PC and Headset from ANY location in the World. You can securely access the call recording from ANY location with a username and password. Recorded calls can be downloaded if required.
  • Call Management Wallboards from Akixi (+) We can provide you with a browser based display of ANY or ALL of your calls in progress now, calls waiting to get through, calls dialed, calls abandoned. The screen can be set to show real time, plus reporting over ANY time period, hour, day, week, month, quarter, year or any where in between. The display can be on a giant plasma screen on your wall, on a regular PC or MAC or on your iPhone or Android or indeed any device with a web browser. So you can be on holiday in Marbella and use your iPhone to see how busy the call centre in Reading is (If you really wish to)!
  • Hunt Groups (inc) can be configured to find an available operator in ANY location on ANY premises. Hunt Groups are included as a standard feature in many of the licence options from "Office" upwards
  • Auto Attendant (+) for example "Welcome to ABC Printers, please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service, 3 for Accounts or if you know the number of the extension that you want dial it now".
  • Voice Mail (inc) This is included in many of the standard licence options and the resultant VM messages can be accessed from your phone handset or sent to you by email attachment if you prefer.
  • Call Divert, Call Transfer, 3 Way Call (inc) All standard Features included at no extra cost with the Office Licence upwards
  • A Host of other 'switchboard' options and configuration settings included as standard at no extra cost THAT WE CAN SET UP FOR YOU - if you want us to
  • Analogue Terminal Adapter (+ATA). These little gizmos allow you to plug in a standard BT Phone into a VoIP connection. Also used for FAX Machines, Credit Card Swipe Machines, Modems, Caller ID Devices, or ANY other device that you could plug into a standard landline. They cost a few pounds off Amazon or Google or we can supply and configure them for you. Ideal if you have a favourite phone handset that you want to keep using. If you had a 2 line phone you could plug one line into the ATA for a voip call and the other line into the landline or even conference call between the 2 lines
  • Bria from Counterpath who have created an excellent series of Phone Apps for PCs & MACs + iPhone & Android Smart Phone Apps

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