The Broadsoft Hosted VoIP Solutions that we provide can be divided into 3 elements:                         VoIP Licence + Minutes + choice of Phone


1. Broadsoft Line Extension Licences. Once you have your line licence you can connect your SIP Phone, Laptop, PC, MAC or smart phone into the system from ANY location in the world that has a reliable internet connection. You can have multiple lines/licences for multiple staff members all operating down the same internet connection. You can add or remove lines/licences any time that you want and you will NEVER need an engineer to visit your premises to install a "line" (providing you already have an internet connection). This means that you can call us and ask us to add more lines/licences to the VoIP platform in seconds, and you can be up and running in minutes and all the usual switchboard features and functionality are included as standard. For full details visit the "Features" page


2. Phone Call Minutes - i.e. paying for the calls that you have made over the VoIP platform. VoIP minutes are typically 50 to 66% LESS than most traditional landline carriers. The cost of the calls that you make from about 1.1 pence per minute for calls to landline number and 4.5 pence per minute for calls to mobile numbers (calls are charged by the second)   


3. Phone Hardware - Typically a one off purchase of a new desk phone for each user; unless you would prefer to use an App on your iPhone or Android Smart phone or an App on your PC/Mac + a Headset, and use the computer as your Phone. In which case, you have a dial pad on your computer screen, accessing your contacts for easy dialing and you would need to use a PC style Headset (2x3.5mm connectors speakers + Mic) OR you can use a USB headset.  


VoIP Handsets - A good quality HD (High Definition) VoIP or SIP Phone starts at £85. More sophisticated phones are available e.g. a Multi-Line Video Phone with camera and screen display so you can see who you are talking to anywhere in the world and make outgoing calls from different numbers for different business names etc. We supply Polycom, CISCO, Grandstream SNOM or any other Popular SIP phones that you want                                                                                                             



So what we provide is  VoIP Licences Phone Minutes Phones 




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