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Case Study:

Orchard Property & Financial Services provide Residential Sales, Lettings and Financial services and have recently expanded to work from three separate office locations in Henley, Ruislip and Ickenham.  Each of the three arms of the business needed to have its own distinct team of staff attached to a “Hunt Group” to deliver the inbound calls to the correct person that could deal with each new enquiry. The three arms of the firm also need to be able to transfer phone calls from one office to another and for inbound calls to always be answered even if all of the staff in one of the office locations where engaged on other calls.


A Broadsoft Hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system was proposed and agreed and subsequently 16 Polycom SIP Phone handsets where attached to the Broadband connection in all three offices. Hunt Groups for Sales, Lettings and Financial Services where created with an ‘Auto Attendant’ to greet inbound callers and give them a choice of Sales, Lettings or Financial Services. Call recording was enabled on only the Financial Services extensions, and in addition a web browser call wallboard has been enabled in order to show real time call information on all in or outbound from all three offices and for management information reporting displayed on a web browser or smart phone.


Paul Buckner Managing Director Orchard Financial Services Ltd:

“I was attracted to Business VoIP due to the relatively low cost of deploying the system, there was no switchboard hardware to purchase, just phone handsets that plug directly into our Broadband.The Business VoIP system has changed the way that we are able to do business, having all three offices on one integrated system has enabled staff to move from office to office and their calls follow them so that no important sales call is missed. Call recording is an essential part of financial services now and it protects both the Clients and our Financial Advisers. I can see how many calls we have made and received over any given time period, and this helps me to plan for busy periods”


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